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Oh hello my friend....🐢🐢🐢Long time no see...

Regi ismeros tert vissza nyari rezidanciajara. 🐢❤️🤗 Ezzel a szepseges teknossel es meg sok mas erdekes elmennyel varunk mindenkit a kezdo buvarkodas programunkra. Tovabbi informacio a Reef Junkies elerhetosegeken facebookon vagy itt, ahol ne feledjetek a zaszlora kattintva a teljes oldalunk elerheto magyar nyelven is. ☀️👣👙

Our beloved turtle is back in Green Bay and let's hope that planning to stay with us for a long time. You can meet this beautiful creatures and many more exciting things if you join us on our Discovery Scuba Diving programme. For further info just feel free to contact. #discoveryscuba #cyprus #reefjunkies1 #larnaca #divingisfun#guidedkayaktrip #suptour #trekking #magyarokcipruson

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